More Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover(s) in Your Life

~The gift of wine is always a great idea for the wine lover, but making a choice can be intimidating. Below are some additional suggestions for your wine enthusiast. To link to information about the items or where to purchase, just click on the highlighted text. 

~Glasses – 

Every wine enthusiast should own quality wine glasses. There are different levels of quality and price, (machine or hand produced), types of shapes (for different wine varietals) and various designs, depending on what suits your wine lover. Target, for example, carries a more affordable Riedel line. Other popular and excellent glasses to consider are Spiegelau, now owned by Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, and Fusion.


A decanter is a must for any wine lover. It is a receptacle that can be used to transfer the wine from the bottle prior to serving. Decanting is a topic of much debate and conversation in the wine world. A simple, clear decanter, with no design  is best so that you can easily see the wine. Riedel and other glass manufacturers offer several different and interesting, yet simple designs.


Wine lovers can never have enough and often like to try different types. has many types and price points, from the twist style, waiter style, electric, wing and lever models such as the Rabbit and top of the line offerings from Screwpull by Le Creuset.




~Gift Card to a Winery, Wine Store or Wine Tasting

There’s not a wine lover out there who doesn’t love to go wine tasting. This gift is a winner and can fit most budgets, and a great way to support your local wine store, wine bar, winery or tasting event.

~Wine Accessories

Two of the most essential wine accessories are the wine pump and stopper from Vac U Vin, perfect for pumping out the air and preserving the remaining wine in the bottle for the next time.  A great stocking stuffer under $15.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Until next time…à votre santé!






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