Gordon’s Wine Bar, London

Samuel_Pepys20120612-225217.jpg Gordon’s Wine Bar is thought to be the oldest wine bar in London. Located near the Embankment tube station, it is in the Kipling House, home to yes, Rudyard Kipling and a few centuries before, Samuel Pepys, of Pepys Diary fame. Mr Pepys also frequented a pub between St Paul’s and the Tower, as the story goes.  For more about the very interesting Mr Pepys, go to  http://www.pepysdiary.com/indepth/archive/2005/09/21/samuel_pepys_and_fl.ph


To access the bar, you go down several narrow steps into the “wine cave”, where you are served pub style…just jump into the queue at the bar in a not so orderly fashion and order up. But minus the seasonal English Premier League football or the current Euro 2012, as there are certainly no televisions here. Since I was only buying a glass of wine, I ordered a Pinot Noir, so, I have no idea what I had for £5. But, if you order a half bottle or bottle, the selection appears to be quite good. 20120613-083657.jpg When I crouched and walked through the bar, I was intrigued by the old photos and memorabilia. Even I, at 5’3″ had to duck my head when entering different parts of the cave. I was very fortunate to get a seat, and next to some very cool people that I spent my time chatting with…Chris, a Professor of Art and Design, and his artist wife Louisa, who had spent a few years in Savannah, Ga, before returning to their native UK. 20120613-084322.jpg For an interesting beginning to an evening in London, I recommend popping into this famous London establishment for some wine before dinner. And, explore the area around the pub as well. It is well worth the trip down the stairs and a wait in the queue. 20120613-084728.jpg Until next time…from London, Cheers!

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