Books for the Wine Lover(s) in your Life…

A great gift idea for the wine lover(s) in your life is a book about wine. I have compiled a short list, from newly released to classic, that should interest any oenophile. To go directly to the website to purchase, please click on the highlighted link for each book. 

~Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties by Jancis Robinson MW  (Master of Wine), just released on November 6 to a lot of positive buzz. It’s thick, comprehensive and expensive, but has it discounted, of course.

~The World Atlas of Wine by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson MW, a classic with over 4 million copies sold since the first edition in 1994, details the wines and regions of the Old and New Worlds. The perfect reference tool for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

~Exploring Wine by Steven Kolpan, Brian H Smith, Michael A Weiss and The Culinary Institute of America, an overview of the world’s wine regions, also describes how wine is produced and delves into other practicalities relating to wine.

~The Pearl of the Côte, The Great Wines of Vosne-Romanée by Allen D Meadows, the Burghound, is a masterpiece for Burgundy lovers, by the foremost expert on the region.

~1855 – A History of the Bordeaux Classification by Dewey Markham, Jr is the ultimate source and reference for the development of the 1855 Classification of Bordeaux. I had the opportunity in 2011 to spend three fascinating                       days touring the region with this American Bordeaux wine scholar. Dewey has lived in Bordeaux since 1993, when he began working on this book.

~Thomas Jefferson on Wine by John R. Hailmanchronicles Jefferson’s lifelong wine journey and how he became the most respected and influential wine expert of his time.

~The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace is the fascinating true story of “The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine”, a 1787 Château Lafite purportedly owned by Thomas Jefferson. This book was to be made into a feature film starring Brad Pitt, but that project appears to be on hold. A great read for anyone, not just a wine lover.

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